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Welcome to Spearfish Legal Services, PLLC, your dedicated attorney in Seattle and King County, Washington. I graduated from Harvard Law School, and with over 30 years of experience as a criminal and employment lawyer, I am committed to providing personalized legal solutions tailored to your unique needs.
My career as a former federal prosecutor and in-house employment lawyer has equipped me with a unique perspective and deep knowledge of the legal landscape. I am licensed to practice in both Washington and California, offering comprehensive legal support to businesses and individuals alike in the greater Seattle area.
Rely on my expertise, honed through work with the Department of Justice, The Nature Conservancy, and Amazon, to conduct thorough workplace investigations, ensuring fairness and resolution. As a solo practitioner, I provide cost-effective solutions with low overhead. With a background as the former lead employment lawyer at The Nature Conservancy and international experience, I am your go-to source for employment law guidance.

Facing government investigations can be challenging, but my combined knowledge of criminal and employment law positions me as your trusted advocate throughout the process. For personalized legal assistance, reach out to Spearfish Legal Services, PLLC at (206)717-4439. I am here to address your legal needs and protect your interests with unwavering dedication and expertise.

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