David Hackney

David Hackney, the Principal Attorney at Spearfish, stands out as a distinguished figure in the legal domain with over 30 years of dedicated experience in criminal and employment law. A proud graduate of Harvard Law School, David's legal acumen is both broad and deep, marked by a profound commitment to justice and fairness.

The name Spearfish is a nod to his rich family heritage, tracing back to Spearfish, South Dakota, where his great-great-grandmother Mary Kercherval settled after being freed from slavery. This name symbolizes resilience, perseverance, and a deep-rooted sense of justice, qualities that David embodies in his legal practice.

Licensed to practice in both Washington and California, David has honed his expertise through a diverse career. His tenure as a former federal prosecutor provided him with invaluable insights into the criminal justice system, equipping him with a unique perspective that benefits his clients. Additionally, his experience as an in-house employment lawyer has given him a comprehensive understanding of workplace legal issues, further enhancing his capability to represent and advise with a nuanced approach.

David's extensive experience in both criminal and employment law enables him to navigate complex legal landscapes with ease and precision, ensuring that each client receives tailored, strategic, and effective legal counsel. His dedication to the law and his clients is unwavering, making him a trusted and respected attorney in his field.

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